Sunday, 1 January 2012

Last day of 2011

With being at 199 species for the year and failed today with the Tawny Owl again,I decided on tomorrow it would be a trip to Bonby & Worlaby Carrs,to try and locate the Tundra Bean Geese.
After a 30 minute bus trip scanning the fields along the way for any signs of geese in them,I arrived at Bonby Carrs my first ever foray here so I walked down Carr Lane to the channel that leads onto Carr Lane at Worlaby,with no sign of any geese I walked the channel after a couple of minutes a female Hen Harrier got up and flew around allowing me great views before she landed back out of sight in the field.I continued to the halfway bridge where plenty of Fieldfare sat in the hawthorns with lots of Yellow Hammer & a few Corn & Reed Bunting,continuing my walk to Worlaby a Common Buzzard came over head & a Kestrel hovered over the scrub as it hunted for voles.
On reaching Carr Lane at Worlaby the car park was empty so I looked down towards the train line at the bottom end and could see a few cars so it was relatively quiet,I thought great Owls will come and sit nice as the wind was very light for this large open area on reaching the bottom end a few were standing around but talk about noise not good as I could hear them half a mile away :(.
Soon a few others arrived 1 being David Alan so I went and had a good chat with him which was nice,with the wind picking up and rain starting I didn't stay long and made my way home on walking back up the lane a male Marsh Harrier came across the field also a few Tree Sparrow in the hedge near the houses,with not being able to connect with the Bean Geese left me still at 199 for the year,I later found out that they were in the fields above Worlaby Village thanks Steve Routledge :)

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