Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sand Martins and Moths

With Jacqui taking a very keen interest in moths I decided to run my Trap for her visit,with some good moths 1 being Barred Straw which I have only seen once before and was unable to obtain photo's due to it not settling.

Buff Ermine

Buff Arches

Buff Arches

Marbled Beauty

Rufous Minor

Dot Moth

Dark Arches

Peppered Moth

Light Arches

Varied Coronet

Bright-line Brown-eye

Endotricha flammealis


Peach Blossom

Common Wave


Willow Beauty


Double Square-spot

Large Yellow Underwing



Dingy Footman

Small Blood-vein

Small Magpie


Barred Yellow      
With the moths photographed and some nice evening light left we decided to head for Alkborough Flats,where we both picked up some year ticks,4 Spoonbill,Black-tailed Godwit,Greenshank,Spotted and Common Redshank,a gorgeouse black male Ruff,3 Marsh Harrier,Teal,Avocet,Curlew,Little Gull,Bittern and 15 - 20 Bearded tit and 2 Barn Owl on the way back home we also missed out on 2 Little Tern.But a great evening anyway below a couple of shots while I was messing with the Sand Martins.