Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bempton Cliffs 18-4-14

With Jacqui hitching to get to the coast we headed off for Flamborough head first and having a search for the Tawny pipit but to no avail,but we did pick up a few White wagtails,Wheatears and a single immature male Eider on the sea with not much else happening.we then headed for Bempton where Jacqui managed a lifer in the form of Great Skua with 4 passing through high up throughout the afternoon,not the usual thing to do looking up skywards for Skuas.
The Gannets again put on a show collecting grass from the cliff top we then made our way back to the centre for a coffee and food,whilst we sat photographing Linnets and watching the Tree Sparrows with time passing and people leaving we headed down towards staple newk viewpoint at the southern end of the reserve where more Gannets on the cliff tops gathering nest material.
As the cold was starting to set in we headed back off home but always a great day out at Bempton.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bempton Cliffs 13-4-14

Whilst Paul,Mandy and myself had been waiting around for the Crag Martin at Flamborough Head with no sign since the morning,we decided on heading to Bempton for a while,glad we did allowing me to pick up some yearticks and enjoy some photography.
It was good to catch up with old friend Dave Hutton despite spilling half of my coffee as he grabbed me from behind git :).
With the light starting to fade we headed for North Landing and was joined by Anthony Bentley,but we realised the worst was the Crag Martin with no sign all day and had not come back to roost.
Ah well next time but still we had a enjoyable day apart from the cold wind.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Water's Edge 6-4-16

While I was speaking to Jacqui she said I thought you would be at Water's Edge and I said why am I missing something and she replied yes Coues',and that was it never seeing any of the Arctic Redpolls before I was soon on a quick dash to the Humber bank where it was last reported to be and found the group of birders but no Redpolls but they had flown off out to the island.But with a bit of searching and waiting it was eventually re-found by the folly along with some Mealy Redpoll,also 4 Swallow but missed the House Martin and Peregrine at her nest box.