Saturday, 17 December 2011

Far Ings 16-12-11

Today I decided on a walk round my local patch to try and locate the male Smew but left the camera behind due to the bad light.
On my way I stopped off at a small wood and had a look for the Tawny Owl but to no avail,continuing onto Far Ings I entered Barton Reedbed and made my way to the monolith with nothing on the pool apart from a few coot I soon moved on to Beardie corner but not even a ping from them,moving on to pursuit pit where the Smew had been last seen I sat in Miles Hopper hide and had a scan with a few Pochard,Teal & Mallards present,I continued along the Humber bank towards the cement works and a look on the river with it being a very high tide but nothing on there apart from the usual gulls.
I back tracked on myself to Hotel pit where the Smew favoured in the past but again  no sign but did add Goldeneye & Tufted duck to the list,with a little desperation setting in and only needing 2 species for the 200 for my year tick list,I made my way to Ness pit and my last chance as this is the last of the large pits but after scanning the whole of the water a few times my luck had ran out.
With the usual wildfowl present I made my way home only stopping at ness farm for a quick look on the feeders adding Willow Tit,but a little bit of luck came my way as I was Walking along Far Ings road and had reached the western approach road a skein of 21 White fronted goose flew above my head heading off west across the reserve putting me on 199 for the year,this now leaving me 1 species to find in 15 days will I do it ????
Other birds noted
Bull,Green & Goldfinch
to name a few for the day

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  1. Hello friends,

    The Tawny owl is a stocky, medium-sized owl commonly found in woodlands across much of Eurasia. Its underparts are pale with dark streaks and the upperparts are either brown or grey. Several of the eleven recognised subspecies have both variants. The nest is typically in a tree hole where it can protect its eggs and young against potential predators. Thanks......