Sunday, 4 November 2012

A stroll turns into a mad rush 4-11-12

With going to Far Ings yesterday,so today Jacqui and myself thought we would wander down Barton pits for a look around to see if we could pick up any Waxwing or Firecrest,with a leisurely stroll down to the sailing club pit we watched a few Goldcrest making sure no Fires were in with them,we reached the pit where a lot of winter duck including Gadwall,Goldeneye,Shoveler,Wigeon were present but I picked out a female Red crested Pochard this to be the second female in Barton as the one being present on new pit 4 at Far Ings so we was happy to find our own bird,quite a few Little Grebe on this pit we walked along the road towards the Humber bank intending to head for pit 25 but Mandy & Darren soon put a stop to that by texting us that 2 confiding Twite were present along the Humber bank at Far Ings,on that note we hurried up there not before picking out a lone Knot in with the Common Redshank on the foreshore.
After a 20 minute rush we finally reached Chowder Ness but as I looked through my bins to see Darren and Mandy not taking any photos my instinct told me that they had gone,but I was told wrong and that we had walked right passed them so being guided to them which was a relief due to Jacqui about to get another lifer on her list and has been a few years since I last saw them at Frampton Marsh
R.C.Pochard (F.I)

R.C.Pochard (Barton pits)