Sunday, 24 April 2011

Far Ings 24-04-11

With receiving a text from Howard Mandy asked me if i wanted a year tick in the form of a Male Garganey
So i throw my coffee down the sink grabbed my bins and jumped on my bike straight to FI,with the info i had it had flown from Barton reedbed towards Pursuit pit,on arriving at the i scanned the pits on both sides of the lane but no joy,so i set about going round the whole reserve in search of my target but to no avail.
Birds included
Marsh Harrier
Tufted Duck
GC Grebe
Groppers Reeling
Common Tern

On arriving back home i spotted 3-4 Swifts over the garden

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Barrow Haven 23-4-11

With the sun up we couldn't quite decide on where to go today,but did decide on going to Barrow Haven not to far away well 6 mins on the train seems i had never been there and Mandy hadn't been for some time.
We headed for the 1st hide and open up a front flap to have a Female Sparrowhawk fly straight at us,if we was a minute earlier Mandy could of had time to nail it.
Other birds included
Little & Great crested Grebe
Grey Heron
Marsh Harrier
Ruddy Duck
Tufted Duck
Common Whitethroat
Lesser Whitethroat
Sedge Warbler

Has we walked round this small reserve we reached the Humber bank where we stopped for a bite to eat and drink.Shelduck where on the foreshore and Swallows flying around,a Yellow Wagtail flew overhead
and at least 2 Porpoise could be seen breaking the surface of the Humber which was good.
After a hour or so we headed up Barrow Lane to see if any Yellow Wagtails were in the paddocks but no luck,with The Haven Inn over the road and the sun beaming down we decided on a cold drink where we bumped into some of Mandy's family.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Far Ings 22-4-11

With the alarm set for 4.30 i finally got up around 7.30 :)
Well the aim was to photograph Grasshopper Warbler with at least 7 on the reserve but did i get 1 no not a chance,also the quick rain shower didn't help but did manage to see the Black Tern flying east from Ness Pit.
Other birds of note
Bearded Tit
Common Whitethroat
Lesser Whitethroat
Marsh Harrier
Common Tern
Common Buzzard

1 Bittern booming and missed the Spotted Redshank that Andy Sharpe had earlier.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Far Ings 20-4-11

With our first Bittern watch with Far Ings Bird study group since our return from Goa.
We had 2 Boomers throughout the watch.
Other birds noted were
21 Avocet
Lesser Whitethroat
Grasshopper Warblers
Common Tern
Joe had a Tawny Owl flyby
Water Rail calling
Reed Warbler

With the Moth Trap on before dusk only 2 moths caught
Flame Carpet
Scalloped Hazel
Scalloped Hazel

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Far Ings NNR 19-4-11

With a nice bright day and house jobs out of the way we set off for Far Ings for the first time in about 3 weeks,on the way i was wondering what changes may of took place.
Well quite alot everything in Blossom and alot more leaves on the trees we decided to go through Barton Reedbed first,stopping off at the monolith first for a check around,I soon spotted a Marsh Harrier perch on top of a Hawthorn and moments later a Bittern started Booming close by great Start,we then headed for the famous Bearded Tit spot or what use to be as the harsh winter sorted them out a Reed Warbler put in a quick show,we then carried onto the Visitor Centre for a quick snack and drink i noticed 3 Common Terns on Pursuit Pit and a Avocet flew in aswell also Greylags with young.
We carried on along the Humber bank and got near Reeds Hotel when i could hear a Grasshopper Warbler reeling soon locating it's location i went in closer to find 2 birds in the area but couldn't get a shot off as they stayed in the thick of things,so leaving them to it we carried onto Ness Hide & Pit here a second Bittern put in a show crossing the channel,after a while with nothing happening Mandy and myself split up so i headed for Chowder Ness while she headed for the new pits to look for migrants only the usual Shelduck,Redshank and 8 Avocet at Chowder i went off to meet back up with Mandy who had no luck with any other migrants.
Other birds include
Sand & House Martin
Lesser Whitethroat
Willow Warbler
Stock Dove

Cannock Chase 17-4-11

This weekend seen me return back to Nuneaton for my Birthday,so a few drinks with club members and my partner Mandy at the Taproom.
With a sunbathed Sunday morning Dave Hutton came and picked Mandy & myself up and we headed over to Cannock Chase for a nice stroll around with no heavy camera gear which was nice.
Shortly after leaving the carpark we could hear a Wood Warbler singing but with the noise of the guns going off at the range we carried on for the stepping stones.
With plenty of Green Hairstreaks on the wing which we stopped and had a look at for a while before carrying on,we was soon viewing a male Redstart singing from the top of a pine tree and Tree Pipits.On arriving at the stepping stones we set about looking for Pied Flycatchers but with no luck,so after a while we started to head back picking up a pair of Cuckoo & Willow Warblers also
other birds included Blackcaps & Buzzard.

We arrived back at my parents and arranged for a few pints down at the Kingswood Tavern later for a Birthday drink which went down well :)