Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bempton Cliffs 22-1-12

With good friend Dave Hutton biting at the bit for a second chance of the Male Desert Wheatear at Bempton,a earlyish start at 7am we set off for our target bird on the journey up to Bempton.we had a good start with a pair of Barn Owls hunting which we stopped and watched for a few minutes before continuing we reached Bempton around 8.30am,with a strong wind blowing we headed for Staple Newk view point where the Wheatear favours but after waiting and searching for a hour and no sign,we decided on heading for Tophill Low nature reserve where the Cattle Egret was showing and yes it was but nobody said it was behind a 7 foot fence but still a great year tick.
With news breaking of the Desert Wheatear showing well we headed straight off back to Bempton only this time when we arrived we was told that it had been in the carpark,we spoke to various birders who all had their own stories of where it had gone none matched up though but was told that a numpty photographer had been chasing it around,but headed back to Staple Newk and about halfway we spotted it on the footpath,we were both happy to locate it and get some cracking views and photo's unlike the previous time we came.
With other birders/photographers coming and going I was more than happy to get them on to the bird which all thanked Dave and myself for our help at the end and everyone went away happy with either having cracking views or they had managed some shots of this stunning bird.
With enough light left we decided on heading back into North Lincs and one of my local patches Worlaby Carrs to see if we could get any Short eared Owls but with the wind probably keeping them down none took flight but we did manage to add a female Hen Harrier to our list.
A great day out which I really enjoyed thanks again Dave for driving.
Desert Wheatear

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