Monday, 6 May 2013

Spurn 5-5-13

With Jacqui up and out at the crack of dawn leaving me fast asleep but was up by the time she got back !!!
Another hot sunny day and Dotterel again showing at Kilnsea the decision was made to get Jacqui another lifer although I knew they would be distant,we set off but with a slight detour to Paull Holme strays with the chance of me getting a Life/Brit tick in the form of Tawny Pipit being found,but having a look around and a chat to another birder we decided on not wasting anymore time and continue to Spurn.
We arrived around midday making our way up to Beacon ponds first getting Jacqui a lifer with the Little Terns first then finding out where exactly the Dotterel was,we made our way down the bank to find Richard Willison already in position with his friend who I know the face but couldn't put a name to.We spent about an hour watching and hoping they would come closer but they just kept their distance,so we made off for canal scrape to see what was down that end but all a bit quiet.
a couple of record shots below but nice to see all the same.

Bits n Bobs

My first Turtle Dove of the year on 2-5
and found a local male Black Redstart on 4-5

Whisby Nature Park 30-4-13

Today we decided on going to a new reserve about a hours drive,Sun was out so it was a nice hot day for us
a look around the visitor center something Far Ings could do with looking at.
We worked out a route which would take us to the furthest end of the reserve enable us to work our way back,but it was not to be only a few minutes of starting our walk we bumped into my old friend Dave Hutton and Dean Eades,it wasn't to long before Jacqui was viewing her first lifer of the day in the form of Nightingale which I love to hear.
We stayed around hoping for some photo's but not a chance so we continued around the other lakes and found a Black-necked Grebe which gave some cracking photo opportunities,Jacqui's second lifer of the day we headed back to the Nightingales for another chance of pics but again they didn't want to play ball,after a while we headed back to the car for a coffee and food by this time it was getting on so Dave and Dean decided on calling it a day but we decided we had a hour left on our ticket and would use it in the hope the Nightingales would show and was we glad we did.
A cracking day with some great company.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spurn Point 26-4-13

With the chance of a lifer in the form of Rock thrush it was a case of shall we go now or wait until the next day and then with Anthony messaging about it,the we decided on waiting until the morning bad move because we missed out on Caspian Tern even though it would have only been a year tick for me.
With Anthony arriving after his night shift we set off for the short drive to Spurn point,after arriving we was onto the bird in minutes although it was always distant maybe due to being pushed around a bit.
After watching the bird for a while we made our way to the canal scrape where the Long-eared Owl was sat out in a hawthorn bush again distant but nice to see.
The Hoopoe that was found earlier had flew off north towards beacon pond we had a quick look around but no joy with that.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Far Ings 25-4-13

With being up at the crack of dawn and on the reserve at 5.20 Jacqui dropped me off at Ness Farm,Straight away a Barn Owl flew off 1 of the posts and we sat watching it hunt for around 10 minutes before it disappeared.
I started my walk with a quick look in ness hide but mainly coots on the pit,I made my way to the new scrapes which was shared with Shelduck,Teal and Mallard whilst a few Yellow Wagtail pecked about on the bank,I continued to the far end of Chowder ness but all quiet apart from a few Avocet,Curlew and Redshank,I then made my way down through the new pits listening to Common Whitethroat and Sedge Warblers,I just reached the blow wells when I heard the un-mistakable reeling of a Grasshopper Warbler which took only seconds to locate.
Continuing on to the Humber Bank I heard yet another Grasshopper Warbler which again was quickly located and whilst watching it the number of martins started building up with a few House Martins mixed in,when I could see 2 Common Swift high up which was joined by another 3 when 1 of them gave a scream a real sound of summer.
I had a brilliant morning and the whole reserve to myself can't beat it.