Monday, 31 December 2012

Great Northern Diver 30-12-12

With the Juvenile Great Northern Diver still present and showing well at Ashby Ville Lake,Jacqui and myself decided on taking a short drive over.
We was soon on site with birders already present but a short wait was needed for the diver to show itself,so some banter was needed with Simon and Karen Spavin and Steve (the flusher) Routledge.Soon the diver started to show very well,a really well marked bird was simply stunning and a great lifer for Jacqui to see at close range,after a couple of hours we decided on heading off but our car had other ideas a big thanks to Steve and Simon for the push start,p.s it's in the garage now a great morning with great company.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Far Ings 8-12-12

With the first chance of getting out birding in 2 weeks,Jacqui and myself set off for Far Ing in nice warm sunshine,we walked the Humber bank cutting down into Barton reedbed we could see hundreds of Redwing and Fieldfare flocks striping the hawthorn berries,with the sun in our faces we walked along Far ings road towards Reeds Hotel giving us a better chance of some photo's.We reach hotel road but I was soon distracted by the trill of Waxwings feeding on the berries but even better was that they were coming down to the puddles of water in the road to drink but each time they did they was disturbed either by joggers or cars.
With time pushing on and we had to rush back to receive our car back,but with out wasting time we took it out for a drive and were soon back at the Waxwings,where we was met by Mandy,Darren,Tony & Carol.
We offered Mandy and Darren a lift up to Chowder Ness but didn't stay long a good job to because along Far Ings road thousands of Starlings had gathered in the Hawthorns and we stopped the car to see ourselves in the middle of a massive murmuration and what a brilliant experience it was.