Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Yorkshire Coast 2-2-13

Jacqui set her mind on heading for our first point of call Filey Brigg for a lifer in the form of Grey Phalarope,we arrived around 10am after a drive through everything the weather could throw at us Snow,Hail,Rain and Sleet with the added high winds.
Our first birds noticed were 4 Purple Sandpipers feeding close by which the high tide helped keeping birds close.It wasn't long before the Phalarope came flying past and gave Jacqui great views has it feed on the water before flying off and wasn't seen again,with the cold wing and stinging hail stones hit us we headed back off to the car and has we left a flock of mixed waders were feeding next to the road this included Oystercatcher,Common Redshank,Knot and Dunlin.
We headed off for our second destination being Barmston for another lifer for Jacqui the Juvenile Iceland Gull only a short drive just south of Bridlington,on arrival we spotted 2 birders down along the cliff top,so we headed for them but they had not seen the gull but we picked up loads of Sanderling and Ringed Plover feeding on the beach.
We could see 2 other birders further down so I looked at them with the bins and it was Karen and Simon Spavin so we walked down to them but they had also drawn a blank,but we stayed for a while has gulls were coming and going and I tried photographing some of the wader which included Sanderling,Purple Sandpiper and Turnstone,again the cold set in and we all headed for our cars for coffee and sandwiches but has we ate and drank a birder told Karen our target bird had just flew down to where we was standing earlier,the thought of the walk back in the cold was good but Simon decided to get his scope out and gave Jacqui a look at a distant Iceland Gull but luckily for us it flew back just past the car park and sat on the beach,we headed down for a closer look and a chance of some photo's which I managed some record shots unlike Jacqui getting some good flight shots has it flew to the small pool in the field.
We then headed off for Hornsea mere to try for a third lifer for Jacqui again another gull this time Little Gull which Hornsea have a good Little Gull roost but with none being obviously present and most gulls right out and was no use to try and pick out Little gulls without a scope so we called a end to Jacqui's twitching day but a good day in all despite the weather.