Saturday, 13 December 2014

Alkborough Flats 13 - 12 - 14

With today being the best day for some sun I decided to take a ride to Alkborough and the chance to take my new bike out for a run.After a 30 minute ride I arrived at my destination to find it completely frozen over,I made my way to the first hide all was quiet apart from a couple of common Redshank at the ice edge and a few Dunlin flying around,I sat and watched a female Marsh Harrier patrolling the reedbeds whilst a female Sparrowhawk went bombing past making her way to the wooded area,with the cold setting in it was time for me to move and make my way down to the tower hide,on my way a male Marsh Harrier started his partolling of the reedbeds and with the pinging of Bearded tits everywhere I walked with at least 50c birds present but only managed a record shot of 3 feeding on the phragmites seeds,these birds doing really well here,I arrived at tower hide to see that the Gloden plover flock of about 2000 was in the fields near the Humber and more Dunlin and Common Redshank at the inlet,so I sat and watched more Bearded tit feeding and a fox carefully walking across the ice a pair of Kestrels was chasing each other behind the hide and a lone Little Egret sat in a dead tree.

The male Wigeon was taken at the Hope & Anchor on the haven

Saturday, 29 November 2014

East York's Coast 29 - 11 - 14

With Jacqui over visiting for a long weekend we decided on today we would visit the coast seeing as she was missing the sea,with Mandy arriving we was all set and on our way our first port of call being Grindale for the RL Buzzard but no sign of any raptors apart from a single Sparrowhawk being mobbed by the corvids.
So we headed off for Flamborough head here I settled down out of the wind and watch whilst Mandy and Jacqui went off doing their own thing but missed out on about 6 Little Auk,2 Common Scotor and a flock of 4 Eider 1 Male and 3 Female but did manage the usual suspects and Mandy spotted a Little Auk just getting up off the sea,after a hour or so we had to settle for a coffee in the cafe.
We then headed back for round 2 with the RL Buzzard but again no sign and then made our way up to Scarborough calling in at Holbeck for the Mediterranean Gull with 3 birds present and then headed down to the harbour where we picked up Cormorant,Shag and Guillemot in the actual harbour,walking around the harbour we stopped to photograph the Turnstones and just off the outer wall I spotted a Red-throated Diver which swam round and came in to the harbour which was nice.
With time getting on we grabbed a drink and food and made our way back to the car just as the Warden was putting a ticket on the car next to us !!!
A great day had by all I'm sure Jacqui will miss us over here but I'm also sure she will be back for more
Hope you enjoyed your stay Jacqui

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Self found Hoopoe 6 - 11 - 14

Well what started off as a normal work day and being on lates this week,I set off about 12.55 for work as I like to get there early so can have a sit down and a coffee ect before starting work,I reached the visitor centre when a Crow caught my eye down the bank what looked to be mobbing a small Jay as I though but they went out of sight and just as quick went out of my mind,didn't even click what it was I actually did see until I past the goat field and got nearer to the first path to lead off the bank into the country park when a bird shot up out of the grass and flew around me and then straight away seeing them white wingbars and the de-curved bill it hit me Hoopoe as it flew over the smaller trees and out of sight,my problem now was no internet to put news out and no birders around to be told what do I do carry on to work or rush back to Andy Sharp and see if he was in and risk being late for work,well I took the latter decision and rush back I had only reached the caravan park in Waterside Road when the bird flew in front of me so I stopped and watched it for a couple of minutes whilst it flew along the gardens in Far Ings road towards the Humber bridge where it went out of sight then a carried on to Andy's house but with no answer I had to leave a message with his next door neighbour,Then I made my way to work a happy bunny finding my only second UK Hoopoe.
Right time right place shame I wasn't birding so could have got some photo's but a friend of mine
Richard Willison kindly let me use his photo's from the following day thanks again mate !!!

Monday, 3 November 2014

South Ferriby 1-11-14



Common Redshank

Wader murmuration


flock of 2000 Dunlin

Monday, 29 September 2014

Filey Brigg 27 - 9 - 14

With the Masked Shrike still being at Spurn I was very tempted to make a 6 hour round trip bike ride but with it only a Brit tick I decided against it.
So with the decision made for Filey bus and train times checked the alarm was set,on the hour or so train journey I managed Common Buzzard,Lapwing a couple of Roe Deer nice to see different scenery that you don't see from driving up and at the whole trip only costing around £22 can't complain as it use to cost me and Jacqui that in the car.
Arriving at Filey it was only a quick 5 minute walk from the station to the brigg,I decided to look on Carr Naze first see if any Whinchats was knocking about but was all quiet apart from a lone female Wheatear,Meadow Pitits and Pied Wagtails,out on the sea I could only see a few Gannets and a single Fulmar gliding along the cliffs.
So I carried on down to the brigg and had a quick chat with another birder who had been there at first light and he only had 1 Great Skua through,with the tide still quite high I went out onto the brigg looking through the waders for Purple Sandpiper and managed 4 altogether I just love them birds only been on my life list about 7 years now.
A small flock of 6 Dunlin was busy feeding at the point along with several juvenile Ringed Plover,2 Knot and the usual Common Redshank,Turnstone and Oystercatcher,but what did surprise me that the Greenshank that me and Jacqui seen 2 weeks previous was still present.
By this time a few Guillemot came drifting past and 2 Common Scoter was in the bay and a nice treat was a juvenile Arctic Tern came and sat and let me have a right close encounter with it just reminded me of being on the Farnes also a few Common and Sandwich Terns was also present,but with the sun out and being nice it brought out the dog walkers and screaming damn kids so I didn't hang around and made my way back upto the wood but didn't find anything in there apart from some Greenfinch and Goldfinch feeding with Linnets in the field.
But I enjoyed my day there and just love Waders a few photo's below from the day.