Sunday, 14 June 2015

Melodious Warbler 14 - 6 - 15

With this only being the 3rd record for the West Midland and today being the best day weather wise it was a must go,with good mate Mark Maddox eventually turning up at the wrong house and he soon realised we set off,on arrival along with John Judge at the same time we headed off down the track we could soon hear it singing it's head off after managing a few shot and a video we then headed off towards home so Mark could get Spotted Flycatcher for the year,it wasn't long when we found them and spent a short while with them we got back to the car when Mark asked where his camera bag was well it's not here he had only left it on the floor with the Warbler so we made our way back,I wonder how many people get a Melodious Warbler twice in a day in Warwickshire,back on arrival Lee Evans had arrived on site.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Middleton Lakes 8 - 6 - 15

With a nice day forecast I decided to head off to Middleton,before I even got my camera set up a Hobby was high up mobbing a common Buzzard and a Raven soaring above the farm gaining height.
I reached Fishers mill and had another 2 Hobby within seconds of each other,I reached Jubilee Wetlands and walked clock wise round with 7 Ringed plover,1 Little Ringed Plover,1 Common Redshank and 1 Common Sandpiper.
As I reached the path to North Hide another Hobby was up in the air catching Dragonflies and a Grasshopper Warbler started reeling just to the right of the path,on North pit 4 adult Avocet and only seen 2 of the young,Oystercatcher,Ringed Plover and plenty of LBB Gulls present which 1 made a snatch of a young coot but a black-headed gull started to chase it and the young coot was dropped lucky escape,a Kingfisher sat along the river and a male Kestrel was hunting along the path.
On the way back I made a slight de-tour to find the local Spotted Flycatchers which didn't take me long as I was watching a pair of Treecreepers when 1 flew into the same tree so not a bad day.