Monday, 25 August 2014

Far Ings 25-8-14

With the intention of being on the reserve early I was woken up with my alarm and lay in bed for a extra 5 minutes,when a rude phone call from Jacqui was received to make sure I was up :)
I set out but play got stopped by the rain and I returned home until it stopped a few hours later.I need to take my Tamron 200 - 500 out for it's very last time with me before it gets shelved,I set back out and headed straight for Ness hide but really wanted to be at chowder ness but high tide had gone,with the car park empty this was good news knowing the hide wouldn't be full,on arriving at Ness hide only a old lady was sat in the top level,a couple of Cormorants were fishing,Tufted Duck and Gadwall made up the waterfowl,but after 5 minutes a male Kingfisher came and sat on the perches before making his way off again,6 Black-tailed Godwit made their way west towards Chowder ness and lots of martins and swallows feeding up before their long flight back home a bit sad to see them go really knowing winter will be here shortly but hoping it brings the Waxwings with it and other goodies.