Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Worlaby Carrs 11-2-12

With my friend Jacqui coming over for the day I had to meet up with her on the North side of the Humber which meant a first for me,in the time I have lived in Barton I had never walked the Humber Bridge so it was nice to do this on a nice fresh morning.
With Jacqui arriving we set off back for my house and a hot coffee before showing her around the Historical Town of Barton and then heading off to Worlaby for the Owls,On arriving we pulled up in front of Dave Alan and we had a chat about what was or wasn't showing but with the cold getting to me it was time to jump back in the car after 5 minutes I spotted a female Hen Harrier flying along the railway line a lifer for Jacqui.After a hour had passed we took a drive to the bottom car park and had a walk around the old barn we could see Yellowhammer & Corn Buntings in the tree tops which was good to see,with a quick peek in the barn to see if the Barn Owl was there but no joy,we took a walk down the otherside when a Woodcock flew over our heads a really welcomed surprise.
We could see a pair of Common Buzzard further down the track when a female Marsh Harrier came flying across the field but once again the cold was setting in we headed back for the car.
Other birds noted
Meadow Pipit
Common Kestrel
Song Thrush
Not a bad afternoon's birding had by us both with Jacqui getting a few lifers and myself bagging a couple of yearticks.

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