Sunday, 30 October 2011

Far Ings 30-10-11

With the clocks going back meaning it would be lighter a little bit earlier this morning and with high tide at 8.19 we decided on setting the alarm and having a look for any Skuas on the Humber first.
Off we set with some nice light and light winds we arrived a bit later than we wanted as the tide had started turning,we gave it a hour but nothing moving apart from around 400 Golden Plover.

We decided on heading for Far Ings,so started to walk along the bank to Barton reedbed which we checked in to see if any Bearded Tits were about but no luck but did have 1 Marsh Harrier fly over.
With the cloud not breaking to allow the sunny spells through as per BBC forecast it started raining thanks for the precise forecast idiots.
We headed for the Western Approach pit to at least get the male Ferruginous Duck which I pointed out for a chap who couldn't find it and I also noticed the immature female Scaup on her own.A great a patch tick in the bag.
With more rain and cloud coming in at us we gave up due to rubbish light and not much in the way of birds

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