Thursday, 13 October 2011

Far Ings 13-10-11

With today being forecast the best day so far this week I decided on revisiting the Ferruginous Duck again
and hoped for better shots with the lighter winds.
I arrived around 10.30 and was straight onto the duck which was good being the only person there for the first 30 minutes giving me chance to creep around and giving the Fudge duck chance to settle down which it did but still about 30 yards away,but managed better shots than my previous visit.
With people coming & going I waited for Mandy to arrive and just as she did a flock of 8 Bearded Tits flew over and came down into the reedbed the flew across pursuit pit and dropped down by the hotel drive.
We had a walk round to them but no sign but picked out a Ruff in with the Lapwing,we ventured round to Ness hide only the usual duck here but added another 4 Bearded Tit 12 in total is great for the reserve after the harsh winter that desimated the Beardies.
With time pushing on and Nicknav making tracks up here we continued our walk through the wood and past Target pit we had a quick look in the hide adding 3 female Wigeon and a Little Grebe to the list,we pushed on and walked the Humber bank back to the Visitor Centre adding 6 Bar-tailed Godwit and then with not being foecast today it started raining when will BBC weather get it right :(
Other birds included
20 Skylark,10 Redwing,40 Black-tailed Godwit,6 Golden Plover,c600 Pink-footed geese,c300 Greylag geese,1 m Marsh Harrier,Sparrowhawk,2 Kestrel,2 Water Rail (1 on Ness pit & 1 on the Western approach pit) & 2 Common Buzzard.
Ferruginous Duck

Bar-tailed Godwit

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