Sunday, 23 October 2011

Worlaby Carrs 22-10-11

With today looking the best day of the weekend and my first chance of getting out due to work we decided on going to Worlaby for the day.
We arrived at Worlaby around 8.30 and walked down to the first car park and sat on the bridge as this was most sheltered from the wind.Fieldfare flew over all day long with a few Redwing and a large flock of Goldfinch hung around for most of the day feeding in the scrub areas.
The Rough-legged Buzzard started it's day off sat on top of a Hawthorn bush but we was looking straight into the sun,then it was seen hunting over the fields around 9.00 and that was the last time we seen it as we was told it was pushed off by Corvids.
A Barn Owl flew along side us and perched up in the hedgerow but was unable to get any photographs as it flew over to the plantation and wasn't seen again,a Marsh Harrier flew along the drain and went behind Mandy which she didn't see and could of got close shots if she hadn't been texting on her phone :(.
Lost of Kestrels present today and I was able to count 5 in one view,as the day went on Mandy and myself walked up to the next bridge to see what we could find lots of Skylark and Meadow Pipit in the ploughed field but no sign of any Hen Harriers or Short-eared Owls,so we headed back to the first bridge and Dean Eades had turned up after going for the escaped White Stork good to see you again mate.
With time running out we had to leave for the last bus home a busy day down at Worlaby with around 30 cars
so god knows how many people were present but a nice warm day apart from the wind good to see new and old faces.
We later found out that 9 Short-eared Owls were seen at dusk.

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  1. Ah but I did get 250+ shots of other birds! :)