Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Far Ings 24-3-14

With everything done that I needed to do and wasted the morning I thought that I wouldn't waste the afternoon in glorious sun,and thought that I would have a change of scenery and head off up to Far Ings and chowder in search of Wheatear or any other migrants,I reached the far end of chowder about 1.30 and sat on the bank just scanning and listening but no look with Wheatear,after about a hour I headed to the eastern side of chowder just for a quick check and watched 10 Avocet come in,I then made my way along the bank for the new scrapes but nothing on there but had a quick chat with Graham Catley about the Slavonian Grebe and he agreed with me about it being very skittish as he hasn't yet got close enough for a photo which is unusual for this species.
Anyway I carried along the bank and made my way to Reedy hide which I enjoyed sitting and just watching the 2 male Shelduck having it out over the female and a female Goldeneye close in along with some Teal.

With time getting on I decided to go and wait on the bank for the Barn Owl which I did until about
6 ish but it didn't show,but a male Sparrowhawk came along the hotel fence and and had a go at the tit flock that was there but he was unsuccessful and sat on the post for a few seconds before making his way off,a enjoyable afternoon if nothing else.

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