Friday, 14 March 2014

Barton Pits 14-3-14

Today I decided on another crack at the Slavonian Grebe,I soon picked up the female Long-tailed duck close in along the west bank,but carried on along the north bank and picked up the grebe just before the boat house but it kept it's distance and went along the front of the house heading for the east bank,where I waited for the next hour and it started to come in closer fishing so I got down to the waters edge with the steep bank behind me which helped,so I wasn't on the skyline when it popped up within 20 feet of me for a split second when I suddenly heard there it is,not knowing 2 birders behind me but further along started talking loud enough to be heard from the moon,hence no photo's as the grebe headed back out in to the middle so that was that blown for me,I just hate it when birders blame photographers every time for flushing a bird when it's not most of the time.
So if you 2 read this please talk more quietly bird can hear,same with hides there not sound proof !!!
I made my way back along the north bank when a birder stopped and asked me about the grebe so I gladly pointed it out to him and he told me he had seen a Siberian Chiffchaff and listened to it calling at the Carpark by the Humber Bridge viewing area so I shall be checking that out in the morning.
I reached the west bank making my way along and caught back up with the Long-tailed duck but a bit more distant than she was.
With hunger setting in I continued to head home bound calling in through Water's Edge CP,the Cetti's Warbler again singing but not much else around apart from the usual waterfowl,which I sat and watched for a while before heading home.
A nice day considering with the sun out

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