Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Barton Pits 19-3-14

Today I thought I would head off back down the local pits for another go with the Slavonian Grebe,walking the usual route along the Humber bank looking for any migrants Wheatear mainly.
On reaching the sailing pit I could see a car parked down the eastern end so thought it must be down there,I was greeted by Karen and Simon Spaven and told me the Grebe and Long-tailed duck was there also a pair of Scaup on pit 25 which I only picked up the female,I walked the east bank but everything had been moved,the grebe and LT-Duck was nowhere to be seen so headed back towards my start point,but picked the grebe up along the north bank again so I sat and waited when it suddenly headed out due to a dog running around grrrrrrrrr.
I continued to watch it out in the middle when it made it's way to the south bank and then headed for the west bank which was great I could get the sun behind me.After a further wait it came in so slowly lifting the camera I managed a couple of shots before it headed off along the west bank.

again it came back towards me a bit further out heading for the south bank so I made my way into the corner where I could sit.When I saw something swimming across the water my heart started to race,WOW I thought my first Barton Otter but when it came closer this is what it turned out to be.
A bloody Mink second one in my last two visits,this proceeded to come in just below me and went after a coot but the Slav grebe wasn't hanging around and went off out of harms way.
I decided to head back home but check on the Owls but couldn't see them,and then got talking to the secretary of the fishing club who assured me the box does have a flat roof after I explained about it,and in turn extended my permission to be on the fishery and he also told me a new Owl box is waiting to go up and would I volunteer to help them put it up,of course I agreed to give a hand.

Well I can say lay down a bank with a step sticking in to your back is very uncomfortable !!!

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