Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spurn Point 26-4-13

With the chance of a lifer in the form of Rock thrush it was a case of shall we go now or wait until the next day and then with Anthony messaging about it,the we decided on waiting until the morning bad move because we missed out on Caspian Tern even though it would have only been a year tick for me.
With Anthony arriving after his night shift we set off for the short drive to Spurn point,after arriving we was onto the bird in minutes although it was always distant maybe due to being pushed around a bit.
After watching the bird for a while we made our way to the canal scrape where the Long-eared Owl was sat out in a hawthorn bush again distant but nice to see.
The Hoopoe that was found earlier had flew off north towards beacon pond we had a quick look around but no joy with that.

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