Monday, 6 May 2013

Spurn 5-5-13

With Jacqui up and out at the crack of dawn leaving me fast asleep but was up by the time she got back !!!
Another hot sunny day and Dotterel again showing at Kilnsea the decision was made to get Jacqui another lifer although I knew they would be distant,we set off but with a slight detour to Paull Holme strays with the chance of me getting a Life/Brit tick in the form of Tawny Pipit being found,but having a look around and a chat to another birder we decided on not wasting anymore time and continue to Spurn.
We arrived around midday making our way up to Beacon ponds first getting Jacqui a lifer with the Little Terns first then finding out where exactly the Dotterel was,we made our way down the bank to find Richard Willison already in position with his friend who I know the face but couldn't put a name to.We spent about an hour watching and hoping they would come closer but they just kept their distance,so we made off for canal scrape to see what was down that end but all a bit quiet.
a couple of record shots below but nice to see all the same.

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