Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Flamborough Head & Bempton Cliffs 20-5-12

With a quick chat with good friend Dave Hutton about the Citrine Wagtail at Flamborough around 10.00am,he was on his way and arrived around 12.00 and we all set off for Flamborough Head for a lifer for all of us,after a hour or so drive we arrived on site but the news wasn't good and after a search around the area with only a wheatear for our trouble we set off on a short drive to Bempton Cliffs for a afternoon of photography,but still in hope that the Wagtail would be reported again but no such luck as time passed Dave & Jacqui being quite cold we headed back to the car for a welcomed hot coffee and headed off back home.
Still was good to catch up with you Dave :)



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