Sunday, 13 May 2012

A day on the Carrs 12-5-12

With a nice day forecast the alarm was set so we could have plenty of time to wake up before catching the bus to Bonby and Worlaby.
After a short bus ride Jacqui and myself set off down Carr lane at Bonby to see what we could find,I wasn't sure what we would see as I haven't spent much time down here in the summer months.
We was soon picking up quite a few Yellow Wagtails and Skylark which is so nice to listen to unlike my photo's I got of them as they gained height,down at the scrapes I picked out 2 Wheatears on the mound a few Shelduck were present on the scrapes,with Bonby being only a relatively short walk we headed along the channel towards Worlaby stopping off to have a freshly made sandwich and a welcomed cool drink,here we sat and watched a pair of Common Kestrels hunting the set aside scrub.
On reaching Carr Lane at Worlaby we walked down to the bottom car park where we found another male northern Wheatear on the concrete posts until the tractors flushed him,we then went to the other side of the train lines where I notice a butterfly which landed a few times but only briefly but enough for me to identify it being a Wall Brown,but not long enough for a photo we then headed back up the lane  but not much happening apart from a couple of Common Buzzards soaring in the distance.
We reached the bridge where a chap was photographing a pair of Swallows from his car but after he left I had a go and got up closer without a car,we sat and waited to see what would pass us by while we was soaking up the sun a Weasel came running out of the scrub which was nice to see before we was joined by another birder who just sat in his car who also got his Swallow shots.
After a while the chap shouted to alert us to a Short-eared Owl hunting behind us which is a bit late in the year now for them but by the end the total was 3 different birds,1 of them having either damage or moulting to it's left wing with time pushing on we headed off for the bus home but not without a Stoat coming out and we walked back towards it but it had scurried back into the scrub this was my first Stoat I had seen in years.

Yellow Wagtail

Sedge Warbler



Short-eared Owl 

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