Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Far Ings 6-12-11

With Mandy set off for Sri Lanka I decided on a visit to Far Ings seen as I have not been out for a while,so the alarm was set for 6am but didn't get out of bed until 7am.
Breakfast & a few coffee's later and a check on Mandys progress I set of in the cold with a ground frost down,On my way Mandy sent me a text and her words were just landed in the Maldives "WOW".
First stop was for the Tawny Owl at it's roost but no luck a few Redwing in the wood along with Goldcrest & Wrens,I continued up to Barton Reed Bed and the not forecast Rain started good old BBC don't give up your day job :).
I reached the Mononlyth but with only a few Coot & Mallard present I continued round to Beardy corner in the hope of them coming to the path for grit with the frost down thought I maybe in with a chance? I bumped into Dave Alan on my way and had a chat with him for a while until the rain cleared and the Sun came out.
On reaching Beardy corner I spent half hour or so but no joy so continued my search for my main target in the form of a Smew which I didn't find anywhere but thanks for the heads up anyway Howard :).
Carrying on along the Humber bank I thought that I would have a look in the Old Cement Works for any Waders on the Foreshore,but I spotted 6 Bullfinch feeding on the guelder rose after a few shots I went and took a look on the foreshore but it was just dead,so I carried on along the Hotel Pit track and spotted the Ferruginous  Duck swimming around on his own but to far for any photo's on approaching the hide a female Pintail was at the end of the channel but not visible from the hide but a Water Rail swam across the channel,only my second time seeing these actually swim.
On reaching Ness Farm and a hour or so to kill I went and had a look on Ness Pit with the Hide being empty apart from a Wren that couldn't get out without a little assistance I thought there maybe a chance of the Bittern showing but no luck with that either,with the cold wind blowing in and my hands freezing I called it a day.
I walked back to Ness Farm and Don Davis pulled up so I let him know about the Pintail & Fudge Duck hope he had better luck than I did with them.
Other birds noted
The usual winter Duck
Mistle Thrush
Reed Bunting
GC Grebe
Grey Heron

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