Thursday, 15 September 2011

Far Ings 14-9-11

After getting everything sorted which took up most of the day & my better half  Mandy already at Far Ings since 9.30,I decided to just take a walk up without any gear what a mistake that was,after being in ness hide I called skua with only getting a bad view through Mandys bins we watched it head towards pursuit pit which looked like it went down and 2 minutes after a old chap came in and said are you taking photographs because there's a Pom skua on Target pit and that he had been watching it for 15 minutes,on that note he walked back to Target pit with me but it had flown must of been the bird we had seen,On returning back to ness hide mandy and myself headed for Pursuit pit but it had gone.
A quick check on the Humber but no sign on there either.
Only other bird of note was a single Common Tern.

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