Saturday, 10 September 2011

Barton-upon-Humber area 10-9-11

With a Sabine's Gull being reported on Birdguides yesterday at Barton,I had to go and check it out for myself
searching all areas from the Humber Bridge down to pit 25 near Barrow Haven,but with this done no sign of the Sab's.
I started of at Waters Edge checking a couple of pits that I know get some gulls on but only 2 Lesser & 1 imm Great black backed gull present,I continued my search along the Humber with Common,Black headed,Lesser & Great black backed Gulls when a single juvenile Common Tern flew around the out fall showing some brown & grey mottling on it's back when I thought to myself I wonder if some body with less expirience had mistaken this for a juvenile Sabine's Gull? we shall never know.
With upto 200 martins flying about and plenty more flying up and down the Humber with a lone Swift in with them which is nice to see late Swifts but when I reached the Sailing pit I had around 20 Swift flying above me a nice surprise,but with no gulls present I went straight to pit 25 and again no gulls,with no sign of anything that even resembled a Sabine's Gull I headed back to Waters Edge to check up on the Little Grebe family which allowed me to grab a couple of shots
Other birds noted
Gadwall,Teal,Tufted Duck,2 Ruddy Duck,3 Black-tailed Godwit,2 Redshank,3 Curlew,3 Sparrowhawk & 1 Kestrel.

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