Friday, 12 August 2011

Waters Edge CP 11/12-8-11

With 2 visits to one of my local patches over 2 days produced 4 patch ticks,with the most interesting being a
Bittern which flew from the main pit near Pasture road and came onto the small dipping pond which I took for a Grey Heron without looking properly until Mandy shouted up Bittern,We rushed round from the Grebe pool to have a look when I spotted movement in the reeds and the positive shape of a Bittern moving back into the reeds.Whilst scanning around some more a Kingfisher flew by.
The second visit saw Mandy trying to get shots of the Little Grebes with their young and myself heading straight for the dipping pond after a hour or so an adult Hobby came over only to get mobbed by the resident Common Tern.With no sign of Bittern I headed back to Mandy just as I did the Kingfisher came through again.
With the light getting no better Mandy got 200+ shots of Little Grebe and Myself none only of a Female Common Darter about 8 shots in total.
We decided to walk back through the wood and along the pits just as we got near the end of the last pit Eagle eyed Mandy spotted a Little Egret fishing cool 4 ticks in 2 days not bad going.
Arriving home we sat in the garden just finished coffee and a New Garden tick 5 Whimbrel heading south over Barton.( Did you see them Catley over your house )
Common Darter (Female)

Little Egret

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