Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Humberston & Cleethorpes 3-8-11

With a nice hot & sunny day forecast for today we decided to catch the first train at 7.00 and have a day at Cleethorpes and Humberston to see what birds we could find.
Arriving at Cleethorpes just before 8.00 we set off for a leisurely walk down to Humberston while it was still high tide plenty of Common Terns were noted on the sand bars along with Oystercatcher and small waders presumed to be Sanderling but too far off just with binoculars.A quick call into Mcdonalds for a welcomed  breakfast.
A dog walker on the sand bar flushed a large flock of Black-tailed Godwit which was nice of them seems no dogs are allowed on the beach but nobody seemed to care as many dog walkers done the same throughout the day.
We reached Buck beck outfall where we noticed a large gathering of martins and stopped to take advantage of some flight shots and perched birds also noted here were Peregrine Falcon flushing everything,Little Egret and a female Sparrowhawk also a few Yellow Wagtail flying overhead and 11 Whimbrel was noted with their bubbly call after about a hour we continued on our way with a quick stop off to get a cold drink,on reaching Humberstone the confiding Ruff wasn't present but we sat and waited for a while with only a couple of Ringed Plover dropping in and a few more flyover Yellow Wagtails,Kids were around the edges of the pool so probably the reason for no Ruff (get back to school) :)
On our return back to Cleethorpes we stopped off and had a look arount the boating lake where some feral Barnacle Geese have set up home but we found a Pink-footed Goose in with the Greylags,one that didn't want to go home for the summer.With time pushing on we made our way to Ocean fish bar in Cleethorpes for our well deserved tea.
A great and enjoyable day out.
Barnacle Goose

House Martin

Pink-footed Goose

Sand Martin

Song Thrush


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