Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Walthamstow Reservoirs 2/4/17

Today was planned to spend the day at Walthamstow with my partner for a nice relaxed walk around
this complex of 10 Reservoirs in total,I wanted to try somewhere different to Rainham Marsh.
After about a hour spent on buses we finally arrived bathed in complete sun for most of the day,so we set off firstly walking along part of the crystal clear River Lea until we reached the main lakes,with not knowing which way to go I just let Ramune decide on most of our route,knowing Ospreys was now arriving I kept a eye on the sky most of the day but no luck,all of the usual waterfowl was recorded along with my first Sedge Warbler of the year.
A fishing match was under way a weekend angling for Cancer charity,when we could smell food being cooked well we thought we would be in for breakfast but only to be told it was for the charity match only oh well I wouldn't have minded donating £10 for 2 burgers but my money wasn't good enough !!!
We continued around 2 half empty Reservoirs which help colonies of breeding Cormorants on the Islands and looked a lot better for some waders to be found,which included 4 Little Ringed Plover,1 Greenshank,4-5 Common Sandpiper and Common Redshank.
But no Terns at all but a nice day out never the less and we caught the train back home faster than a bus :)

A look back across one of the Reservoirs with Canary Wharf in the back ground

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