Saturday, 28 November 2015

Far Ings NNR 27-11-15

Well I finally woke up around 8.00 and met down stairs with a coffee thanks Mandy just what the doctor ordered,my final half day here and we set off for Far Ings where a Long-eared Owl had been reported to be near the ford so we headed straight there and had a good look around the Hawthorne bushes but nothing that we could see,shortly after my old rival Graham Catley arrived and we had a chat and he said he was there all the previous afternoon until dark and not seen it,so we left and made our way to Ness Hide still aching from the two previous days we didn't feel up to much walking,so we just sat and watched for a hour or so with a couple of other guys in the hide one mentioned the Owl and that he went straight for it and also didn't see it and my previous experience with Long-eared Owls,they are a lazy bird and don't move around much which made me cast doubts on it !!!
We carried on watching and Mandy calls out Water Rail just coming out on to the cause way from the right and popped straight back in and then came back out in full view,a small skein of Pink-footed geese flew over head also a Little Egret passed over the same bird we seen previously in western approach field where the still lone Canada Goose stood.
A big Thank you to Chris and Mandy for having me and a great few days and
friends that I did manage to catch up with,it was great to see you guys again
and those who I didn't get to catch up with next time !!!

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