Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Great-northern Diver (Far Ings) 12-3-13

With Jacqui noticing that Steve Routledge had found a Juv Great-northern Diver on Hotel Pit her words were are we going for it,shes as bad as me (twitcher Jacqui).
So off we set in fred our trusted car and arrived within 5 minutes,just as we reached Hotel pit hide we could see it fairly close in,so we stopped to grab a few record shots of this patch tick.
The cold weather didn't see us hang around for long with the added snow showers,but we did return back in the afternoon,until some noisy git and his ever coughing wife with a camcorder turned up and I called it a day as it wouldn't leave the far side of the pit.

This brings my patch list to a total of 137 Species

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