Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bradley Wood 13-3-13

With this sun blazing morning and brilliant light for photography we decided on going somewhere new and spending some time at Bradley Wood about a 40 minute drive picking Mandy up on the way,we reached our destination bathed in glorious sun which makes a change.
Within minutes Nuthatch,Treecreeper and the usual woodland birds were around us on posts that had seed already put out on them after 5-10 minutes our friend Anthony Bentley turned up after Treecreeper shots,but anything that presented itself was fine by me.
Later on a chap turned up and threw out some hot cross buns on the ground which the Long-tailed tits loved,as time passes hunger set in Jacqui and myself went off for the chippy which we ended up in Cleethorpes and returned back to a frozen Mandy who insisted she would be fine staying with the birds.
While we sat in Fred watching a female Great-spotted Woodpecker came down and flew off with half of a Hot cross bun that had been put out earlier,she didn't want to share with anyone else.
A good day out and made a nice change with the weather even though it was still a case of cold feet being stood around.

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