Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Far Ings 18-3-12 (Owl Fest)

With Short-eared & Barn Owl showing on the Humber bank on thursday night seen by the bird study group which I could not attend due to work,this seen myself on the bank on a nice sunny sunday afternoon in the hope of 2 new species for Far Ings for me.On arriving at the Humber bridge I scanned the south towers and spotted a female Peregrine Falcon sat on the tower,so on reaching the visitor centre at the reserve I looked back so I could count it on my list a nice start would I get the other 2 intended new species.I walked up to the Old Cement work scanning the reedbeds along the way for any sign of Owls but a bit early so I had a look around the Cement works and on the Humber but not much about,so I decided to sit where I could watch over Hotel pit for any Bittern flights and keep an eye out for the Owls along the foreshore too.
With no sign of Bitterns and time getting on I walked back towards the visitor centre, just as I reached the back entrance to Reads Hotel I spotted something perched on a branch about 250 yards further on,I lifted my bins and had a look and yes it was a Short-eared Owl on that note I made my way towards it and full of joy and big smiles I got close enough for some record shots and as I did another Shorty appeared from nowhere and they both went up calling after a while and some better shots,I managed to stalk one of the bird which had perched and get some decent photos and as I was looking through them not noticing the bird had flown I stood up and looked down toward Graham Cattley,noticing a Owl flying towards me with only a short time before it disappeared I managed to get 3 shot off and on looking I was surprised to see it was my second target Owl,even bigger smiles now Barn Owl in the bag to and within a 10-20 seconds a second Barn Owl flew by me now i'm thinking wow a great afternoon bagging all the target birds and the bonus of Peregrine,It doesn't happen very often where things go right and to plan but this was just a superb afternoon,as the light was now fading I made my way home phoning Jacqui who had wished me luck to let her know it had gone well who was so happy for me :) Now I'm wondering is that damn Tawny Owl ever going to play ball just keep on trying!!!

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  1. So Pleased for you babes xxx excellent pictures x hope I get to see them with you next time x