Monday, 19 March 2012

Far Ings 10-3-12

With having a chance of getting White fronted Geese on my year list I set off for my local patch,stooping of at the Tawny Owl roost for a search,but yet again it evades me and with Howard Booty already on site and he hadn't seen it either this morning but we had a chat about another site close by,whilst we stood talking a Treecreeper came in and H attempted some photos but no luck as it wouldn't keep still long enough .
I decided on walking the old dam road past the allotments up to the New pits where a skein of geese were in the first field,so I had a scan of them and sure enough the White fronts just at to be the ones furthest away but took a record shot of all 7 anyway ,with them in the bag I made my way to Ness hide where Paul Sutton was already present along with his mate.I only stayed a short while but as I was talking of the adult male Smew being present the previous sunday,he came swimming from behind the reedbed so I called him out to the other people present,with Paul and co having no luck with Bitterns but they did show me photos of the supposed Whinchat that was identified by so called experts but when I looked it was actually a female "Stonechat" still I wouldn't mind it on my Far Ings list.
With nobody having any luck with Bittern I moved on down Hotel track and onto the Humber bank making my way to Barton Reedbed to look for Bearded Tits but no joy only hearing a Water Rail calling.

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