Friday, 17 June 2011

Far Ings 17-6

Well it was up with the Larks this morning well Blackbirds anyway in our case.
We set off for Far Ings to do a Breeding Bird Survey but checked in on the local LRP's first and the young are now looking more like their parents so shouldn't be long before the start flying.
We got between Barton Reedbed and the Visitor centre entrances when I spotted a Little Egret flying South East,Then it wasn't long before I spotted a Water Vole on the bank in the dyke putting Mandy onto it she managed a couple of shots.We managed to reach the next field then Mandy spotted a lone Fox cub sitting by the hedge row which let us rattle some shots off as he sunned himself in the early morning sun.We finally reach the approach road to Ness Farm when we spotted the Male Marsh Harrier hunting along the dyke and suddenly dropped,so we continued to walk up to where he dropped in but no sign only coots making a racket I stood above them but couldn't see enough due to the reeds so I crossed back to the other side of the road and up came the Harrier clutching a young coot so I stood less then 10ft from him but couldn't get a shot :(
so had to watch Mandy fire a few off has he carried his prey away.
Not much else around the reserve but a good morning all the same.

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