Friday, 18 March 2011

Waters Edge & Worlaby Carrs

Well for the second time it was out for the Black Redstart at Waters Edge
with a short wait for it to show Dean Eades supplied  us with some light hearted entertainment.
The bird showed for most of the day catching insects/grubs on the floor,other birds included
Curlew,Redshank,Shelduck,Cormorant,Mallard & Greylag Geese.
With the offer of a lift to Worlaby we was off to see if the Owls would show on arrival
it was all quiet so we sat for a while and Mr Eades still on form making cracks,a Marsh Harrier flew over head
and a pair of Kestrels hunting the field,then a Short-eared Owl flew in but headed over the Train line and out of view so Mandy and myself went for a look to find it hunting the stubble near a old Barn but drifted off along the drain and perched up on a post no sooner did mandy turn round a Barn Owl started to hunt the same stubble and also perched but moved on over the otherside of the train line.
Other birds included Buzzard,Corn & Reed Bunting,Chaffinch,Pied Wagtail & Red-legged Partridge
Many thanks to Deano & Dave for the lift and entertainment.

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