Monday, 14 March 2011

Laughton Forest 12-3-11

With NickNav Trotman staying over we were up and out early heading for Laughton Forest
to look for Adders before they got warmed up and moved off.
We arrived around 9.30 and within 5 mins we had our 1st Adder in sight but must have already warmed up as he was off into a hole under a tree so we waited to see if he would come back out but no chance and after we searched around the area with no more luck.We headed off for another plantation that Mandy knew about in search of Grass Snakes but again no sight of them.Birds included a single Woodcock,Grey Herons,Buzzard & a singing Woodlark.
So we headed back to where we saw the first Adder and he had started to come out of the hole but soon went back on searching around i spotted another Adder with his head just poking out of a hole from the other side of the same tree,eventually both came out from their holes to sun themselves when we was joined by Steve Routledge who soon got into action with his camera and soon noticed a third Adder coming in from the side of me but kept my eyes on the one i was photographing as I was less than 9 inches from him and he was in perfect striking position.
Other Birds included another singing Woodlark,Coal tit,Siskin and 2 more Buzzard.
1 Common Lizard to count


  1. Nice Mr Dawkins!,will no doubt encounter you and your good lady on more occasions in the near future;)