Thursday, 11 June 2015

Middleton Lakes 8 - 6 - 15

With a nice day forecast I decided to head off to Middleton,before I even got my camera set up a Hobby was high up mobbing a common Buzzard and a Raven soaring above the farm gaining height.
I reached Fishers mill and had another 2 Hobby within seconds of each other,I reached Jubilee Wetlands and walked clock wise round with 7 Ringed plover,1 Little Ringed Plover,1 Common Redshank and 1 Common Sandpiper.
As I reached the path to North Hide another Hobby was up in the air catching Dragonflies and a Grasshopper Warbler started reeling just to the right of the path,on North pit 4 adult Avocet and only seen 2 of the young,Oystercatcher,Ringed Plover and plenty of LBB Gulls present which 1 made a snatch of a young coot but a black-headed gull started to chase it and the young coot was dropped lucky escape,a Kingfisher sat along the river and a male Kestrel was hunting along the path.
On the way back I made a slight de-tour to find the local Spotted Flycatchers which didn't take me long as I was watching a pair of Treecreepers when 1 flew into the same tree so not a bad day.

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