Saturday, 26 January 2013

Far Ings 26-1-13

With the sun coming up and blue sky Jacqui and myself made tracks in the snow along the Humber bank,where around 100 Dunlin were feeding on the foreshore along with a few Common Redshank and Lapwing.
We continued along to Far Ings cutting down through Barton Reedbed stopping at Beardie corner for a few minutes but no sounds of pinging Bearded tit,we reached the visitor center and looked on the feeding station where Tony and Carol Horricks was already photographing,we adding Reed Bunting,Blue & Great tit and Chaffinch to our list but Jacqui added a Willow tit to get 1 up on me.
We carried on along the bank and on to the foreshore upto the old cement works where we picked up 3 Ringed Plover feeding,we then decided on walking to Ness Farm via Hotel pit where we bumped into Andy Sharp and Matt Taylor who pointed out the first winter male Smew.
We reached Ness Hide in the hope of Bittern where we where joined by Mandy West and Darren Matthews and it wasn't long before Bitterns started showing with 3-4 birds after a while we continued to Target Pit where 30-40 Pochard were present with the female Red-crested Pochard most I have seen on here for a while,with a couple of noisy birders in the hide we didn't hang around long and walked upto Chowder ness where we picked out Golden Plover & Curlew,with the cold setting in we moved to Reedy hide for some better views of Bittern again we joined Mandy & Darren who were already in the hide and had the same idea.
A very unwell female Goldeneye sat in the cut reeds in front of us again it wasn't a very long wait for the Bitterns with 1 landing in the nearest reedbed and a female flying in front of us landing on the ice at West marsh and walked onto the causeway and back onto the edge of Ness pit,just has we were already to leave I noticed a beak and head of a Bittern poking out of the reedbed right by us but it done a quick turn back into the reeds,so Jacqui and myself decided on staying for a few minutes longer just in case it came out but didn't and we was then joined by Gordon Bowes,we left the hide and headed off for home to get warmed up

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