Sunday, 31 July 2011

Far Ings 30-7-11

With a bright sunny start today we decided on a day on our local patch with not a to early start,
arriving around 11.00.
Walking up Far Ings road we had a small warbler around Goldcrest size,dark green in colour on the upper parts with 2 prominent paler wingbars & with a call that I have never heard from a warbler before a bit like a young Dunnock tweet call but with not a long good view it flitted off back towards the Humber bridge and went back into the hedgerow please leave comment if you have any idea my thought was Pallas's Warbler but have never heard one call.
On reaching Barton reedbed entrance we was greeted by 2 sheep and the owners trying to get them back into the field with myself and mandy getting involved to block their path they ran into the road and back into the wood not what the owners wanted on the next attempt the owner got them back onto the road only for the fugitives to run round the owner and down the wrong way of Far Ings road think they got them back in the end.
With not much in bird life at the Monolith we carried on to the visitor centre photographing a pair of Southern Hawkers along the way with a few Brown Hawkers patrolling the reeds.
A couple of Common Tern on pursuit pit was about it was set about trying to photograph Swallows in flight with not much luck there either.
Whilst waiting for Mandy to return I noticed 5 birds flying towards me and took little notice thinking of them just being ducks until they flew over me and turned east to fly up the Humber that they were Black-tailed Godwits oh well that will teach me for just presuming.On mandy's return we set off along the Humber bank with Yellow wagtails flying over head and another Brown Hawker we headed for Ness Hide thinking it would be full due to the return of the Kingfisher but we was right but no locals,I over heard one talking about a duck she could see but couldn't ID it so I went to see and on telling her it was a Tufted Duck with 2 young her reply was no it isn't it's a Pintail as it's got a long neck well I just laughed to myself (No helping some folk),I can reassure her Pintail don't breed at Far Ings.
But with their noise and talking getting louder by the second mandy and myself just had enough and left with leaving them with some comments about noise and Kingfishers as if it would come and sit with that racket going on.We continued round to Target pit with more Tufted Duck present we made our way back onto the Humber bank and sat on the wall when I spotted a Wheatear by Chowder Carpark great a patch tick but 2 were present adult female and a Juvenile we set about some pics but proved to be harder than first though.
We walked upto the Phalarope spot :( and sat for a good while watching birds fly by which included 6 more Black-tailed Godwits flying west,Little Egret flew west,more Yellow Wagtails & a large mixed flock of Sand Martin & Swallow with mandy spotting a little star in the form of a Weasel poking his head up over the rocks but was unable to get any shots due to vegetation in the way.
Southern Hawker (Female)

Southern Hawker (Male)

Southern Hawker (Female)


Wheatear (Juv)


Black-tailed Skimmer

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