Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Far Ings NNR 19-4-11

With a nice bright day and house jobs out of the way we set off for Far Ings for the first time in about 3 weeks,on the way i was wondering what changes may of took place.
Well quite alot everything in Blossom and alot more leaves on the trees we decided to go through Barton Reedbed first,stopping off at the monolith first for a check around,I soon spotted a Marsh Harrier perch on top of a Hawthorn and moments later a Bittern started Booming close by great Start,we then headed for the famous Bearded Tit spot or what use to be as the harsh winter sorted them out a Reed Warbler put in a quick show,we then carried onto the Visitor Centre for a quick snack and drink i noticed 3 Common Terns on Pursuit Pit and a Avocet flew in aswell also Greylags with young.
We carried on along the Humber bank and got near Reeds Hotel when i could hear a Grasshopper Warbler reeling soon locating it's location i went in closer to find 2 birds in the area but couldn't get a shot off as they stayed in the thick of things,so leaving them to it we carried onto Ness Hide & Pit here a second Bittern put in a show crossing the channel,after a while with nothing happening Mandy and myself split up so i headed for Chowder Ness while she headed for the new pits to look for migrants only the usual Shelduck,Redshank and 8 Avocet at Chowder i went off to meet back up with Mandy who had no luck with any other migrants.
Other birds include
Sand & House Martin
Lesser Whitethroat
Willow Warbler
Stock Dove

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